So I just bought a book called ‘Masters of Anatomy’. It is a great resource if you are interested in just HOW different you can actually draw the human body. And we are not just talking short vs tall, skinny vs fat etc. In the book there are a lot of examples of unrealistic bodies that works anyway e.g. a huge muscular torso on tiny legs.

Masters of Anatomy front cover

A photo I took of the Masters of Anatomy front cover (hence the ‘lens flare’ ūüėČ )

Here is what the nice folks behind the idea say about the book:

Andrew Loomis¬†created the Ideal Male and Female references over 70 years ago and since then generations of artists have used them to understand the complex proportions of human anatomy. But while the art world has¬†evolved dramatically, these classic references have remained unchanged. We believe it’s time for a refresh.

Masters of Anatomy is a collection of artistic anatomy bringing together the work of over 100 famous artists like Adam Hughes, Joe Madureira (Joe Mad), Humberto Ramos, Franciso Herrera and others that have worked for Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar, Marvel and D.C. Comics. Each artist recreates the Ideal Male and Female illustrated in their own signature style and without the aid of external reference. Each angle is neutral, symetrical and unposed showing the front, side and 3/4 front angles in a classic animation turn-around. The goal: to translate a decades-old sketch into something more relevant to a modern aesthetic. The result is a volume unlike anything that exists today. A must have for any aspiring artist; digital or traditional.

I know – it seems a bit weird to write about a book on anatomy –¬†on a ‘stick figure’ web comic like this, but once in a while I enjoy drawing other stuff.

The book was launched through a succesful kickstarter campaign in 2013 and released in 2014.

You can buy the book from the projects website. Here you can also see a portfolio from all the artists involved. There’s some GREAT stuff to be found.

There are rumours about a second book, but I don’t know, what it will be about. Maybe faces? Anyway… get the book, if you are interested in drawing the human body. It is a GREAT source for inspiration.