So I’m new to this game. I bought a Wacom last year together with Manga Studio and just started drawing. I guess the interest has already been there, but I suffered from the “I can’t draw”-mindset. But then I thought “what the heck” and just took the dive.

After a few months I decided to make a webcomic (in Danish) – and a month ago or so I moved onto making one in English, i.e. this one 😉

There is a lot of work that needs to be done apart from coming up with the ideas for the comics.

First of all you have to have some place, where you can show your work. I decided on WordPress because I already had experience with this platform from years of blogging about music and the music business in Danish.

But then you also have to get people to actually view your stuff. Well that is a bit more difficult. Especially in this day and age of unlimited content on the web. Luckily there is a lot of creators of webcomics out there, who have been in the game a lot longer than me. And often they are willing to share their experience for free.

Here are two sites, that I like to read, who I think provides some good advice for newbies like me. It is not about the basic tools etc. but rather how you take the next steps like getting exposure, making an income etc.

  • The first site is owned by Cale, who runs the webcomic ‘About Things in Squares’. Cale also has a blog where writes about everything from making a Facebook-page for your comic to using Imgur and Reddit to get views. Definitely check it out
  • The second site is remindblog, which is owned by Jason Brubaker. Brubaker is Dreamworks Animation as a visual development artist and publishes the reMind webcomic, which you can also get as a printed version. If you go to archives -> making comics (or just follow this link) you can find a lot of great advice – from coloring, inking to making money.

Hope you’ll find it just as useful as I have.

Let me know if you have other good advice or sites, you want to share