I wanted to do a comic on people discussing martial arts. Discussions on this topic is often a great place to stumble into a flame war (my style is better than your style, my dad can kick your dads ass, my dick is bigger than yours etc.).

After MMA style competitions became popular discussions about whether traditional Wing Chun, Karate, Ju Jitsu etc. or MMA is best are often fun to read.

A character that often pops up in these discussions is Bruce Lee: how would he have done in MMA today? Some think he would have beaten everybody while others think he was a big fake – just an actor who had never had a real fight in his life.

And then I stumbled upon some guys who had fun adoring Bruce Lee on YouTube. I collected some of the comments, put them together with other comments about Bruce Lee from other videos on YT and added a little myself, and morphed it all into this guy who is a big Bruce Lee fan, much to his girlfriends disliking.