Hi and welcome to the Web of Wisdom *insert fanfare*

This web comic is inspired by the unlimited amount of wisdom found on the awesome World Wide Web.

I love digging through commentaries to YouTube-videos, on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, newspapers, websites collecting commentaries etc. in order to find the pearls of wisdom.

The comics found on this site is my interpretation of these pearls of wisdom. Sometimes comments from many different people will become the monologue of a single person. Sometimes comments will be interpreted as drawings instead of words. Sometimes the dialogue is just so good, that I can just quote directly. Sometimes I’ll pick’n’choose comments or add some stuff. And sometimes I’ll just make everything up myself.

If you find some gold nuggets that you would like to see illustrated, let me know at the ‘suggestions’-page 🙂

So this is for all you web philosophers, trolls, brainiacs, nerds, megalomaniacs, tin foil hats and other great people on the web.

I hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as I enjoy making it 🙂

You can find some of my work as an illustrator and other fun stuff at Illustrations … the site is in Danish but as you know – a picture speaks more than a thousand words 😉 This is also the site for my Danish web comic called ‘Vejen til Helvede’ (the Road to Hell).

You can contact me through the comments or by writing a mail to: webofwisdomdk (a) gmail.com (or just push the little button shaped like a small letter in the upper right corner above the comics)

/Jan S